Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pioneer Festival Part ll

 There were lots of nice crafts at the fair.  These baskets were tempting.

 Click on the photos for a closer look.

 I could set up my own maple syrup booth. I still have lots left from sugaring off season last spring.

 This woman had some wonderful items for sale.

 Look at her felted creatures.

 Kids could go on pony rides,

 And there was a pumpkin patch!

 This was a strange little display.

 Right next to it were these two pioneers making beautiful music playing crystal glasses. It was quite impressive.

 The strange place had a miniature mummy mermaid on display along with all sorts of other oddities.  I am sure little children were mesmerized/horrified by it all.

 Lots of the participants camp out for the weekend in pup tents on the grounds.

 These ladies look like they are having fun.

 Roasted turkey legs.  We bought a scotch egg but it wasn't very good.  Scotch eggs are such a treat that I hate it when they aren't good.

 These rocking horses were really special and expensive. The cheapest ones were around 600.00 but most were 1500.00 and higher.

 I bought this from the felter for some of my little friends.

 The headless horseman.