Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Salem Witch House.

Teddy runs to Hawthorne Square.

It is her favorite place.

She doesn't even look back as we leave to shop. She is after squirrels.

This is what you see on Salem during the month of October. Bus loads of school kids are released on the town.

Crow Haven Corner. This used to be Laurie Cabot's place but she has moved to the wharf.

This restaurant constantly changes names and owners.

Some of the offerings.

A spell book with a recipe for Witch's Brew.

A lot of the stores were closed since it was Monday. We will be returning later in the week to visit these places.

I love the litter signs.

T-shirts for sale everywhere.

I know quite a few people I could give this one to.

Do you want to have your fortune told?

You can visit real haunted house here if you take the ghost tour.

Witch hats anyone?

This guy just screamed The Exorcist to me.

They have seriously cool brooms.

I like the sweat pants with the skeleton hands on the butt.

We are off to Maine for the day! More later!