Friday, May 29, 2015

The Upper Garden

 Blooms for brains.

 I bought these planters this year to grow some tomatoes. So far, I am pretty impressed. The yellow things between them are the water gauges.  You fill the tanks on the bottom with water and it is wicked up in four different areas in each planter.  Time will tell.

 I have lots of pepper blossoms right now.

Especially on these peppers which are new for me this year.
 I also planted some of these tomato bags.  They are filled with coco coir which is supposed to be a great growing medium for tomatoes. Time will tell on these too.

 My first tomato...the thrill of it all!

 My fig tree is thriving.  But something is eating the leaves on most of my eggplants?  Do any of you know what this is and how to treat it?

 My first eggplant.

 The first of the lettuce and arugula is almost used up and it will be a while before the second planting is ready. I should have planted sooner.


 The last few years I have planted basil seeds in my strawberry planter and it has been very successful.

 My bay trees are thriving.

 Teddy's sunflowers.

Hopefully I will get some blueberries before the birds get them.  I live in an aviary.  The birds have been eating my strawberries before they turn red.  It's hopeless.
 My chives were spreading so fast that I dug most of them up and planted them in planters. These are very convenient just outside my garden room door.

 One of the raised planters.

 For those of you that asked about the mirror chains, I tried to get a few pics of them. When the sun hits them, it looks like fairies are dancing in the garden.

 Copper spider on it's web.

 Mirror chain.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are about to bloom and my allergies are about to get even worse than they already are.  But I love these guys.  You don't need a calender when you have these in your garden.  I can tell what time of the year it is just by looking at these plants.

 Pool's open!

 The ladies will watch you while you swim.