Monday, May 23, 2016

The First Farmer's Market of the Season

 We drove up to the mountains on Saturday to go to our first farmer's market of the season and we should have brought our waders.

 We got soaked!

Some of the vendors were smart and put straw down.  Most didn't.  My shoe almost got sucked off at one point.
 The Fiance enjoyed her first trip here and ended up being a good egg carrier!

 Even the gardens were flooded.

 My trusty market cart held up against the elements.

 I bought cement apples for my garden.

 And I bought this yarn from the cutest lady who was selling her wares for the very first time and we were her first customers.  She knew the name of each of her animals who donated their fleece to make this. I told her that I will knit The Fiance a scarf and she will wear it back there in the Fall to show it to her.  It was a fun soggy day.