Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fine Tuning the Gardens

Today is the last day I cook for the after school kids until after Easter.  I need a break. However, tomorrow I start serious prep work for the big family Easter dinner.  No break for me.  In between cooking tasks, I have been starting to fine tune the gardens.  It's a lot of work but I love it.
 These are my raggedy watering cans that I left out over the winter and now they are even more raggedy.  I just painted all of my garden balls and re-glued them to their stands. They will be placed behind my fountain once it's opened.

 Pink phlox to plant.

 Vintage bisque bunnies on the potting table.

 A few more thrift finds.  I love this iron wheelbarrow.

 I'll use these hydrangeas on the front porch for Easter and then plant them in the gardens afterward.

 My birdhouse.

 Teddy got semi sheared yesterday.  Since she refuses to go to the groomer anymore, she gets matted.  She will only let me do grooming for a few minutes once in a while.  I turn into Edward Scissorhands when she relents and I throw aesthetics out the window.  I cut her hair with utter abandon.  I just want her to be as cool as possible for the summer.  Right now her pants have been clipped.  She looks like a chow chow in leggings.

 The view down to the guest house is about to be obscured by opening leaves.

 Ferns are popping up everywhere I look.  They are one thing I don't think I could every have to many of.  I love ferns.

 Yellow snapdragons and deep purple pansies are a great combination.  I hope to get them planted today.

 I am hoping to bring in some stone this summer to build a raised bed in this section behind the garage.  I want to build them on either side of this patio.

 I love the colors in this hydrangea.

 I painted a carrot sign too.

The Japanese Maple is leafing out next to the back stairs.
I have what I assume are wild onions growing everywhere.  Does anyone know if you can eat these?  If you do, how do you use them?  They look like good kimchi to me!