Monday, February 23, 2015


 I like weird stuff.  I always have.  I thought I would show you some I own.  These are cast iron hands which have screws on the wrists.  Apparently, someone was going to open a shop had these made of his hands and was going to use them to hang things on in the store.  His loan fell through and he never opened the place and he auctioned these off.  They are extremely heavy.

 These knitting needles are my favorites.

 Look at the detail.  I imagine these were made by a sailor who spent a lot of time on a ship.  I'm sure they are made from whale bone and were made for his wife.  Why skulls?  I do not know but they sure are cool.

 These are two Westmoreland glass witch balls and are very, very rare.  The holes in the top suck in all the bad energy in your house.

 This birdcage is an end table in my living room.  It is topped with my crystal ball and lots of hand blown glass pieces I have collected in the States and Canada.  The silver cross is from Mexico.

 My green man fire screen.  He looks really cool when a fire is burning behind him in the fireplace.

 My mercury glass collection.

 My desk in my library.  I designed every inch of that mantel. It took my woodworker and me a whole year to build it.  And on my desk....

is my magic wand from Salem.