Monday, November 22, 2010

I Give You.....Teddy!!!! The Wonder Chow Chow!!!

I have a super busy day today and don't have much time to work on a post so today I give you Teddy!!!! Doesn't she look ferocious? Who knew she would grow up to be such a bad ass? Her breeder probably knew!

Tough and tumble Teddy, the warrior Chow Chow. She is always ready to toss it around.

She has me trained so well. I can't imagine what a day would be without her. She rules my world!

It's worth cooking every one of her meals to see this face.

And she is worth treating.

I love her sleepy look.

And her quizzical look.

Her fussiness always makes me smile.

She is devoted to the Blog Tech and his sister.

They complete her.

I love her patience.

And how seriously she takes her guard duties.

We have our own special sign language. She is incredibly adept at letting me know what she wants at any given moment. With just a glance over her shoulder, I know it is time to visit the lower gardens.

And I marvel at how much she loves to swim.

During this week of reflecting what we are all grateful for, I am very thankful for Teddy!

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